Best Body Pillows for 2022 - Best Reviewed for Side Sleepers, Pregnant Women, and Back Pain

The thought of an uncomfortable sleep after a long hard day can be truly frightening- My neck is aching already by just the thought of it.
Body pillows are a thing now and more so for the right reasons. If you are a mother-to-be or have a spine issue, then pillows become even much more important.
As compared to our old traditional pillows they are specifically designed to cater to the needs of our bodies. They are huge in size, (almost the size of an adult!) and come in different forms as per your medical need.
Studies suggest that for certain types of sleepers, especially side sleepers, having the right size of pillow is very important for maintenance of spine health.
Also because they are longer in size, they can be used for more than simply putting your head to sleep comfortably. From wrapping your legs to resting your back, body pillows are much more versatile than simply having a good sleep.
Now there are many varieties you can find for your comfort. It may seem like a small task to select the best comfortable body pillow, however, there are many things to consider when making a selection.
While making a choice, comfort and performance matters a lot. Though most body pillows are a great choice, here are some great picks for you that can help you pivot towards buying the right body pillow!

Best Body Pillow for Back Pain - Byre Folding Wedge Pillow

 folding wedge pillow for back pain

Who should buy it?

  • People who experience poor alignment or have back issues due to bad posture
  • People who have a medical condition such as spine dislocation or lower back pain
  • People who have bad neck pains or experience neck strains
  • For stiff shoulders
  • People who experience swelling due to poor sleep positioning

Best Features

  • A multi purpose design that can be used for different positions, such as giving support, maintaining head space and keeping the back in check.
  • Different inclinations to cater all forms of positioning
  • Breathable high density foam that is super soft
  • Adjustable to your liking
  • Can be used while watching TV or reading
Byre Wedge pillows come with a unique design that is targeted for back alignment. They have a high quality foam filling that meets all the requirements for best pillows. What sets them apart from other pillows is their firmness while still being super soft and comfortable for resting. They can be adjusted into multiple positioning which is why you can take them outside of your room.

Best Body Pillow for Pregnancy- Byre U-Shaped Pregnancy Pillow

u shaped pregnancy pillow

Who should buy it?

  • Women who are expecting mothers
  • Women who have just given birth
  • Can be used for new mothers who breastfeed their babies
  • Anyone who is suffering from body pain
  • Anyone who wishes to snuggle sleep with a pillow
  • Side sleepers

Best Features

  • Its unique design
  • The firmness of the pillow that supports the pregnancy weight
  • Extra turned padding to support the back
  • The pillow comes in an all full body shape size that does not need other pillows
  • Hypoallergenic with high density filing
This ergonomic pillow is ideal if you experience tough pregnancy pains. What makes this amazing comfortable pillow stand out is its ability to adjust itself according to your body shape. Even if you are not a pregnant lady and just wish to sleep with soft snuggles, then again this body pillow is the right pick for you.
The head of the pillow is thicker to support head and neck, while a small twist in the half of the pillow makes it easier for you to cradle with it at night time. The pillow is stretchy enough to adjust according to your space and firm enough to still provide you good support. Byre U Shaped Pregnancy pillow is a steal for its price. It also has good filling space through double openings of the pillow that makes it an ideal for customised filling of the pillow.

Best Body Pillow for Side Sleepers - Byre Support Pillow

 body pillow for side sleepers

Who should buy it?

  • Hot sleepers
  • Side sleepers
  • People who cannot stick to one side of sleeping
  • People who move a lot during sleep
  • People with muscle tension or muscle cramps
  • People who require support when sleeping

Best features

  • Long and adjustable to your size
  • Very comfortable with a plush velvet outer case of pillow yet comes with firm material foam filling
  • Long in shape to make it easily cuddlable
  • Supports the lower region of body very well
If you are a side sleeper who always has trouble sticking to their side of the bed then this one is the best pick for you. Incredibly soft and firm to hold your cuddle throughout a comfortable night sleep. It is also great for people who experience hot flashes while sleeping and wake up from time to time. The cool velvet against your skin ensures you make it through a deep sleep.
It is also an ideal pick for people who get scared easily at night and wake up. A support like this long pillow can give a sense of security while sleeping. It can also be used by nursing mothers to support when they are feeding their babies.
Now that we have covered 3 best body pillows for you. There are some other good buys you can steal at affordable prices to have a comfortable rest and sleep. Some of our top reviewed and favorites are;

1. Byre Seat Cushion | Ergonomic & Orthopedic Pain Relief Cushion

 Byre seat cushion
A pillow cum cushion that will support you if you have chronic pain conditions like sciatica, lower tailbone pain or consistent bulging pain in hip or leg region. This is especially useful when you have to sit for long hours during work. The byre seat cushion will not only help with your back posture but also support your back even when you are travelling. The cushion handles the pressure quite well and distributes your weight evenly on its surface for managing pain.

2. Byre Reading Pillow

Best for long reading hours, this super comfortable pillow is a must pick. Byre reading pillow has a unique all purpose style that gives a good support to your back and can be used to relax your back. This reading pillow can be placed anywhere in your home. You can place it on the floor, bed or your sofa to adjust in a comfortable position. You don't have to use extra pillows with this particular reading pillow.

3. Byre Leg Rest Wedge Pillow

Byre leg pillow is specifically designed to give support and a well-deserved rest to legs. People who have diabetic feet or have leg pain should consider this pillow for reducing their leg pain. It can also be used to give pain relief to feet and back.

Why should you consider Byre Pillows?

Byre pillows adhere to safety regulations established by the UK law and fulfil all the set standards for a quality product. They have premium memory foam filling that is fully hypoallergenic with high density adherence. Most fit the pillows featured are firm yet they are very soft to rest with an impressive velvety exterior. Needless to say that is a very rare feature found in most body pillows today.
These pillows are also extra large in size, allowing extra space for comfort. The pillowcases are washable and remain their vibrancy after multiple washes. The texture is super light, breathable and super soft.
You can also combine other pillows from their shop for an added luxury. And why shouldn't you, all of the pillows listed are quite an affordable buy.
So what are you waiting for!
Grab your best body pillow today and share your valuable experience with us!
Please refer to more queries regarding other types of best body pillows below.

1. How thick should a body pillow be?

It really depends on what you prefer. However most people prefer a standard size that is not thick enough to cause any discomfort and thin enough to create an imbalance of posture.
Regardless of your pillow choice, a body pillow should be able to fully serve your particular need. For this particular reason our manufactured body pillows are XL in size to provide comfort to every kind of problem.

2. How do I know If I need a Body Pillow?

Your orthopedic or doctor might recommend a specific kind of body pillow to help ease your body pain. Pregnant women use more body pillows because of pregnancy pain. You don't necessarily require a doctor’s go ahead for buying the best body pillow. Most people get them for a more comfortable sleep.

3. Is a King size pillow the same as a Body Pillow?

Not necessarily. Body pillows are targeted pillows specifically designed for your body. Due to their specific cause, some of the best body pillows are usually bigger in size than a standard king size pillow.

4. How do you place a body pillow on bed?

It is advised to always position your body pillow specially to support your neck and back. It should not be scooted to one side of your bed as that can cause falling from bed.