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Byre has developed a range of luxury support pillows to help alleviate aches and pains, allowing you to be supported day and night.

Why are Byre Support Pillows Different?

The Byre Wedge Pillow is made with premium materials, the foam filling is hypoallergenic and high-density. The pillow feels firmer than a standard pillow, while also remaining soft and luxurious, and rebounds after every use.

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What People Say


I’m on my second pregnancy, it’s the best pregnancy pillow I’ve ever had. I had fiber filled ones before and they were too flat and lost their shape. I love that the memory foam filling is so full and comfortable. It’s surprisingly big and gives me so much support.

Johan Boddy

I have fibromyalgia and arthritis so I had trouble sleeping at night, since getting my pillow I sleep better. It does take a bit of time to find the best position for comfort but when you find it, it is bliss. Well worth the money.

Tracy Collier

I turned to this product in desperation and it has saved me!!
Since receiving the pillow I am able to find a comfortable position and it has allowed me to catch up on much needed sleep before our baby arrives.
I have tried 2 other pillows and this is far superior.
Highly recommended


This is an amazing pillow and a must for any pregnant woman. I struggled to get comfy in bed and suffered with back/hip pain but this pillow has helped massively, it's an absolute dream. Super fast delivery and great value for money. Very happy!

Julie Gray

I bought this full body pillow as I have MS and arthritis and suffer chronic pain.
First of all the pillow arrived the very next day after ordering. I was amazed.
It is of the highest quality and the thousands of pieces of memory foam filling give wonderful support with no flattening or clumping.
The pillowcase is quality also thick cotton with a strong double zip so very easy to remove for washing and it's also very soft.
It's like settling in for a lovely hug. I'm sleeping through the night which is wonderful. I also use it on the sofa as support where the lovely pillow wraps around me while reading or watching t.v.
Frankly I would gave expected a body pillow of this quality to be much more expensive.
I'm so delighted with it I'm going to order my daughter one.
Thankyou Byre this is going to make such a difference to my life.

Alison Bates

Byre’s pregnancy pillow is brilliant - I highly recommend it. I had a smaller pillow at the beginning of my pregnancy which lost its shape quickly. I’m SO glad I got this one.

The cover feels really thick and good quality, and it’s a bonus that you can take it off to wash it. The pillow itself is huge so it feels like a giant hug - it’s really supportive on the bump and back. The memory foam is firm and supportive and you can move it around a bit to get into the best position for you and the bump for sleeping. My sleep improved hugely after getting this pillow compared to the other one I tried. I’ve tried it out with the pillow in different positions and they’re all super comfy!

If you’re thinking about getting one, I’d go for it - definitely good value for money and will be great for feeding once baby arrives too!

Nikola Devlin


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