5 Surprising Benefits of Body Pillow and Why You Need One - (Different Pillow Fills and Shapes)

Have you ever woken up to a sore and stiff body? Perhaps found yourself wound like an oddball even though you dutifully slept in the right position? Oftentimes, it's your pillow that is to blame. Lucky for us, body pillows are here as perfect night saviors. 

Body pillows are increasingly becoming popular because of their unique design and surprising comfort. Initially marketed for people with troubled backs, body pillows have now become more versatile as a sleep necessity. More so for expectant mothers. 

So What are these Body Pillows?

Body pillows are long extra stuffed pillows, specially designed for supportive comfort and pain pressure relief. A body pillow with its enormous size settles perfectly well with a pregnant woman’s body. Despite its maternity demand, the cherished comfort of a body pillow is now more attractive to sleepers of all sorts. 

Why are Body Pillows Trending?

A good Posture and spinal support are as important at night as it is during the day. If you are a side sleeper, you will find body pillows to drastically help with sleep quality. In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of using body pillows for a sound bedtime routine. 

Benefits of Body Pillows 

1. Your Posture is Improved

A good body pillow tactfully cups your spin and legs into the right posture. As a result? You slumber into deep restful sleep throughout the night. Given how we spend almost ⅓ of our lives in bed sleeping, our spinal health maintenance is important. Studies show that most body pain comes from a bad posture that puts pain pressure on the spine. Another benefit of a body pillow is for people who stay in the same sleeping position throughout the night. The same way of sleeping can cause stiff body muscles. With a body pillow, you will find a neutral sleeping position. 

2. Pressure Relief on the Spine and Lower Back 

Body pillows are instant pressure releasers. The soft landing on a good quality body pillow regulates blood regulation in your body. With your spine in place relaxation of your core muscles becomes easier, hence releasing the overall pressure on body muscles. When you have a smooth surface to relax your body that is accurately positioned to your blood flow, your body goes into a deep muscle relaxation mode that helps induce deep sleep.

Now which shape will do that best?  We will be talking about that in a bit. Make sure you read till the end to find the best body pillow shapes. 

3. You Snore Less!

Did you know that snoring is a common sleep disruption and is a common sign of some serious sinus problems? A body pillow benefits more than sleeping. Body pillows benefit sleep apnea as well. Studies show that an uneven back posture is associated with sleep apnea. When you rest on your back or your stomach, your tongue blocks the natural airway passage, giving away an uncomfortable snore. When you position yourself on a body pillow, your airway remains open for smooth breathing. 

4. You Digest Better

Hugging a body pillow can keep your internal system happy! Although it sounds far-fetched, body pillows are designed to maintain a good body positioning for muscle soreness relief. Oftentimes when sleeping on your stomach, we can face stomach acid reflux which can be quite an uncomfortable feeling. There are high chances of your internal organs at their right place due to your body pillow. This ensures that your stomach acid does not travel back up. If you commonly face indigestion, try sleeping on your left side with a stuffed cushy body pillow. 

5. Supports and Relaxes your Bump 

A full-body pillow is a blessing in disguise for pregnant women. Less tossing and turning, pressure distribution, and steady blood circulation are important as your baby grows. The comfort to place your legs and growing tummy on the soft bends of a quality body pillow is certainly the best benefit of body pillows. Considering your pregnancy needs, you can choose from a variety of different shaped pillows

Just so You Know…

If you are not a natural side sleeper, try to shift your sleep position to your left side during your pregnancy for a sound sleep.

Some additional benefits of the body pillow include rest support if you have any injury, better neck placement, and spine orientation, better blood regulation, and most importantly because it's extra squishy and fun!

Now that you are convinced about why a body pillow is beneficial to your beauty sleep, let's look at which body pillow will suit your needs the best! 

Different Shapes and Fills of Body Pillows

U Shape - the most commonly loved body pillow for neck and shoulder problems. A deep bend in your pillow naturally creates the right space for more back and shoulder support. You can use the U-shaped pillow in many ways, but most people use it like a traditional headrest pillow. U shape body pillow helps with stabilizing the spine, regulating smooth vascular systems, and improving overall digestion. You can also use it to tuck between your legs for muscle stiffness if you are facing muscular cramps. 

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Long pillow - a straight, big, long pillow that is often tucked between the legs or placed beneath the body. The long length of the pillow makes it easy for extra support. It is ideal for people who do not have a lot of bed space. If you are not very much sold on the benefits of a body pillow, but still want to give it a try, then a rectangular pillow can be a good pick, to begin with. 

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Wedge Support Pillow 

Wedge body pillows are great for stiff injured back and for keeping your neck in support. It is contoured to support all the right places of your body. The wedge pillow is not only great for a deep night's sleep, but it is also great as cushion support. Whether you spend time reading or watching your favorite TV show, Wedge support pillows act as the perfect backrest for your tired back. 

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Leg Elevation Pillow 

Now that’s one of the kind pillows that all working people need! If you have blood pressure regulation problems or mostly find your legs dispositioned, then a leg elevation pillow is the best pick. It works amazingly well for people who have restless leg syndrome, injured legs, sore leg muscles, varicose veins, or phlebitis.  With its unique elevation design, you can keep your leg muscles relaxed. 

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Apart from pillow shapes, body pillows come with different fills. Some of the most high-quality fills available are; 


Fiberfill uses polyester. Polyester is known to be more breathable than other materials while being hypoallergenic. It is also machine-friendly and can be washed multiple times without weighing down the original shape of the pillow. However, polyester often retains heat. A Lot of body pillows also allow cooler sleep, which means if you get a fiber fill your body pillow will end up emitting more heat than any other regular body pillow. 


Another hit fill for body pillows is down. Down-body pillows give a more plush feel. Their luxurious surface allows a cooler sleep. So if your bed gets warmed naturally from your body temperature, then Down fill body pillow should be your go-to pillow pick. The only con with down-fill body pillows is that they are lumpier than the usual shapes and are not suitable for people who have allergies. 

Memory Foam

Memory foam is a great fill that offers more body support. Most body pillows come with memory foam as it works best for pressure relief for muscles, joints, and body aches. If you are a pregnant woman who is looking for the best body pillow support, then you should look for memory foam.  

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Commonly Asked Questions

How do you wash your body pillow?

Some body pillows can be easily machine washed. If you want machine washable body pillows then you should look for a fiber fill pillow. However, look for standard instructions from the pillow’s manufacturer. If you still don't find the manufacturer’s instructions, then wash your pillow cover after 1 to 2 weeks and the whole pillow itself every 6 months. 

Which size will fit me best?

Most standard body pillows are up to 54 inches long. But if you find longer pillows then you can also find body pillows measuring 72 inches. The sizes of body pillows depend on how short or tall you are. 

How much space does a body pillow take?

There are many variations of body pillows available at byre that you can choose according to your bed space. Make sure to look for dimensions and measurements in consideration when making a purchase.